Farmer Advisory and KM system for Hi-Tech Agriculture is a virtual platform, which will facilitate all the Hi-Tech farmers in the state to interact with the scientists. This online portal will provide an opportunity for the farmers who have engaged in Hi-Tech farming/Poly house cultivation or open Precision Agriculture, who can interact with the scientists and seek the expert advice through online. This system will provide various stakeholders to share their knowledge and seek expert guidance on Hi-tech farming. The registered farmers and entrepreneurs can post their questions through online system and seek expert advice. They can post the questions either in English or Malayalam. Once the question is posted into the system, the expert will provide answers and this answers will be delivered to the farmers via their mobile phone as SMS or email or they can seek the answers though this portal. This service is free for all the hi-tech farmers.

The project is initiated by Department of Agriculture Kerala and this Online System has been conceptualized, designed, developed and implemented by Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management- Kerala (IIITM-K). The project has been developed by using the state of the art open source web and database technology tools and systems. The access to the system is through secured authentication process. The system can be accessed via

Main objectives of the Projects are

The primary objectives of this project is to conceptualize a virtual knowledge sharing platform to share the knowledge and advisories between all farmers and entrepreneurs who are engaged in hi-tech farming or Poly house cultivation or open precision farming and the scientists. This online system will provide an opportunity for all the farmers to interact with the expert scientists and seek online advisory services.

Features of the system

Farmer Advisory and KM system for Hi-tech Agriculture will provide an opportunity for all the farmers who are engaged in Hi-Tech farming they can register with the system. The farmers can post questions in to the system either in English or in Malayalam. Experts provide necessary answers against each questions through the portal. Farmers will get the answers through their Mobile SMS and e-mail. Thus, providing a virtual advisory system this will bring as an effective knowledge management system for Agriculture.

The major features of the system includes

  • Online Registration facility for Farmers and Experts
  • Farmers can post their questions in English and malayalam
  • Experts can answer the posted questions in English and Malayalam
  • Answered queries will get to the farmers through mail and sms services
  • Success stories of Hi-Tech Farming
  • GIS Mapping of playhouses across the state
Various Functionalities of the system

The system has the following functionalities

  • Registration
  • Post Query
  • Answer Quires
  • User Management
  • Web Mapping
  • SMS and email functionalities through the system.